Worksheet 10A3Anaerobic lagoon design

Decisionmaker: Oscar Smith

Date: 6/63/90

Site: Rocky Mount, NC

Animal units

1. Animal type

Growers is0

3. Number of animals (N)



Manure volume

5. Daily volume of dally manure production per AU, ft3/AU/day (DVM)= _1.

7. Total volume of manure production for animal type for treatment period, ft3.nnn VMD = AU x DVM x D = 62000 _


B. Total manure production for treatment period, ft3 (TVM)"_

Wastewater volume

9. Daily wastewater volume per

10. Total wastewater volume for animal description for treatment period, ft3 WWD = DWW x AU x D =

11. Total wastewater volume for treatment period, ft3 (TWW)

Clean water volume

12. Clean water added during treatment period, ft3 (CW)

Waste volume

13. Waste volume for treatment period, ft3

Manure total solids

14. Daily manure total solids production, lbs/AU/day (MTS) =

15. Daily manure total solids production for animal type, lbs/day


1B. Total manure total solids production, lbs/day (TMTS) =


Manure volatile solids

17. Daily manure volatile solids production per AU, lbs/AU/day (MVS) =

18. Daily manure volatile solids production for animal type per day, lbs/day MVSD = AU x MVS

19. Total manure volatile solids production, lbs/day (TMVS)



Wastewater volatile solids

20. Daily wastewater volatile solids production, lbs/1000 gal (DWVS) . -

21. Total wastewater volatile solids production for animal type, lbs/day

D x1,000

22. Total wastewater volatile solids production, lbs/day (TWVS)

Total volatile solids (manure and wastewater)

23. Total daily volatile solids production, lbs/day TVS = TMVS + TWVS =



Minimum treatment volume

24. Selected lagoon VS loading rate, lbs VS/1,000 ft3 (VSLR) =

2S. Minimum treatment volume, ft3 6 MTV = TVS x1000 = (-487670 )x 1077



Sludge volume requirement

26. Sludge accumulation ratio, ft 3/lb TS (SAR) 27 Sludge accumulation period, years (T)


2B. Sludge volume requirement, ft3 SV = 3BS x TMTS x T x SAR

Minimum lagoon volume requirement

29. Minimum lagoon volume requirements, ft3

810,000 t




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