If the surface and the subsurface drip lines are placed between plant rows. There is a large degree of asymmetry between the water source and plant roots and the correspondent expression is:


A2s st, rad


Iu(r,z) is the fraction of total uptake intensity occurring at point (r,z), Amean,rad is the mean deviation, of uptake distribution in the radial direction, Astrad is the standard deviation, of uptake distribution in the radial direction Ameanz is the mean deviation in the transformed co-ordinate, ln(z), Ast,z is the standard deviation in the transformed co-ordinate, ln(z), a is a scaling parameter

Those equations represent a simple parameterisation of complex information that could improve drip irrigation design and management.

3.2.4 Distribution of Water and Salt in Furrow Irrigated Soil

Inside the existing oasis of North Africa, a very preponderant technique of irrigation used is the irrigation by furrow. If we know some equations to model the water and solute distribution we can do an interesting plan for the arrangement of the oasis. The profile of water and salt in furrow irrigated soil can be deduced from the following equation (Noborio et al (1996):

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