Potato, maize, sunflower, sugar beet, soy-bean, and tomato were cultivated in a lysimeter set-up on two soil types, loam and clay, simultaneously during the same season Crops were grown under the same conditions of climate, mineral nutrition and plant density and were well-watered during the whole crop cycle.

As for potato, sunflower and sugar beet, stomatal conductance, evapotranspiration, leaf area, yield, and radiation use efficiency (RUE) were systematically lower on clay than on loam. The other three species were not sensitive to soil texture, excepted for the yield of maize.

The results cast doubt on RUE's values being independent from soil texture, as is commonly hypothesized by models simulating the productivity under well-watered conditions.

Keywords: plant water relationship, productivity model, Radiation Use Efficiency, soil texture.

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