Calibrated with Other Instruments

Another way to check the eddy covariance measurements is to compare other eddy covariance instruments to the current set of instruments. For example, a Kryppton Hygrometer (KH20, Campbell Sci., Inc., Logan, Utah) can be used instead of a Licor-7500 to measure LE flux, and the results of the Kryppton measurements can be used to calibrate the Licor-7500. The Kryppton hydrogometer resulted in 95% energy closure when used over a pecan orchard, but failed whenever it rained. Consequently, it was used to calibrate the Licore-7500 because the Licor-7500 over a rough tall surface did not result in energy closure.

However, when both the Kryppton Hydrogometer and the Licor-7500 were operated over a smooth grass cover no correction was needed for the Licor-7500.

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