DCa d

dt dx dx

dx xi (i=1, 2, 3,) spatial co-ordinates (x3 is the vertical);

X is the relative hydraulic conductivity, between 0 and 1;

KiJ is the hydraulic conductivity tensor at saturation for the directions i and j i =1, 2, 3 and j = 1, 2, 3;

œ is the volumetric water content ;

t is the time;

h is the pressure head;

Oij is the hydrodynamic dispersion coefficient; q is the specific flux of the solution C is the solute concentration in the soil solution

For an isotropic and homogeneous porous media the hydrodynamic dispersion coefficient will have the principals axes of dispersion oriented parallel and perpendicular to the mean direction of flow. Then the hydrodynamic dispersion coefficient can be defined as follows:

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