The experimentally-measured Leaf Area Indexes are also shown in Figure 4 as a function of the DVS calculated from the temperature sums shown in Table 5. The original SWAP values are included in the figure as a continuous line. Furthermore, Figure 4 also shows the measured and SWAP-original sugarbeet root-lengths as functions of the crop DVS. As the figure shows, the sugarbeet LAI development under Mediterranean conditions follows a pattern similar to that measured in Northern Europe. Therefore, the original function included in SWAP could be considered as still valid in a warmer environment.

The sugarbeet leaf area and root lengths show faster growing rates and higher averages in Mediterranean conditions than those anticipated in the original SWAP functions, particularly before FCS. This is in accordance with the temperature sum differences shown in Table 5.

♦ Measured LAI -SWAP LAI a Measured RL----SWAP RL

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