Sugar beet




836 a

410 a

708 a


731 b

430 a

667 a

days after emergence (or transplanting)

Figure 4. Evolution in time (days after emergence or transplanting) of LAI during the crop cycle of 6 species grown on loam and clay soils. Vertical bars indicate the standard deviation of each measurement.

Figure 5 shows the evolution of the dry matter measured on the same plant samples used for determining the LAI values. Also for dry matter, a significant reduction was observed during the crop cycles of potato, sunflower and sugar beet, on clay.

The commercial production in grain, tubers, or fruit is presented in Table 4. Potato, sunflower, sugar beet, and maize yields obtained on clay were significantly lower than those harvested on loam. The difference in maize between clay and loam is less than half the difference observed on the other three crops.

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