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surface irrigation (1,981,000 ha), a great part of which (1,635,000 ha) with irrigation in shifts. The lack of efficiency in conductions through the course the time and the modification of crop alternatives have created a situation in which 1,129,000 ha have severe problems of water supply and 694,000 ha have mild problems of water supply. In consequence, the Spanish Ministry of Agriculture, Fishering and Food (Ministerio de Agricultura Pesca y Alimentación, MAPA) developed a program of consolidation and improvement of the existing irrigable lands, with the purpose of increasing the efficient use of water, an improvement of the profit value of the farms and the standard of living of the farmers (PNR, 2000).

Prior to the end of 2008, the PNR anticipates to act on 120,835 ha of irrigated land in CLM in the following manner: creation of 28,910 ha of new irrigable lands; consolidation of 32,072 ha; necessary actions to increase the availability of water for irrigation, given that irrigations have problems of water supply; and improvement and modernization of infrastructures and systems of irrigation in 59,853 ha, with the purpose of increasing the saving and efficiency in the use of water for irritation. A total investment of 408 million € (PNR, 2000).

The completion of contemplated actions in the PNR is being carried out through the State Societies of Agrarian Infrastructure (Sociedades Estatales de Infraestructuras Agrarias, SEIASAS). The SEIASA de la Meseta Sur includes in their scope of duties the irrigable areas belonging to the regions of Extremadura, Madrid, Castilla-La Mancha and Comunidad

Valenciana (Figure 17).

Figure 17: Scope of action of the SEIASA de la Meseta Sur.

The modernization and consolidation of irrigations of general interest that the SEIASA de la Meseta Sur has developed in CLM until now appear in Table 13. It is necessary to indicate that, currently, they have only accomplished the objective in the irrigable area of El Salobral (Albacete).

The delay in the approval and commencement of the PNR, given the importance of agriculture to CLM, boosted the Department of Agriculture, of the JCCM, to develop its own plans of action for the establishment of new irrigable areas of public initiative, as well as the improvement and modernization of existing irrigations of private initiative. In the period between 1994 and 1999, it was modernized more than 195,000 ha of irrigated land with a cost of 85.1 million € (JCCM, 2000). Part of the money utilized in the financing of the previous accomplishments originated from the Programa Marco de Apoyo 1994-1999, of the EU, in improvement of agrarian infrastructure and the countryside, FEOGA Direction.

Table 13: Works of improvement and consolidation of irrigations developed by the SEIASA de la Meseta Sur (SEIASA, 2007)


Irrigable a rea

Area (ha)

Budget (106 €)


El Salobral

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