The Agridema Proposal General Description

AGRIDEMA comprises the following specific objectives:

1. To identify European human resources that developed, improved and tested simulating tools such as GCM, seasonal forecasts, regional downscaling techniques and agricultural-impact simulation models; inviting them to participate in the SSA proposal activities for implementing their tools and Know-How.

2. To identify and to invite attending the SSA activities to potential users of the European-provided modelling tools.

3. To conduct short courses, where the invited "developers" will present the particularities of their developed or validated tools to the invited "users".

4. To perform pilot collaborations between "developers" and "users".

5. To disseminate the obtained results and to build up a wider consortium, comprising both, the "developers" of the simulating tools and the potential "users" of such tools (e.g. experts from regional agricultural-oriented research centres, advisers and farmers).

According to these objectives, several tasks or "work packages" were scheduled. The tasks can be seen in Figure 1. Following the AGRIDEMA timetable, three Workpackages were finished during the 1st period, i.e. "Identifying and Contacting developers", "Identifying and contacting users" and "Courses on climate and crop-growth modelling tools".

4.3.1 Identifying and Contacting Developers

The AGRIDEMA consortium created an initial list of which developers should be contacted. The list was based mainly the partners experience and previous contact. The use of European-made simulation tools was encouraged.

The following Table shows the simulation tools that were contacted by the AGRIDEMA consortium, as well as the corresponding European institution and relevant person.

Table 2: Models, institutions and "developers" included in the AGRIDEMA activities.




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