International Atomic Energy Agency

The Isotope Hydrology Section of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) (Vienna; website: develops activities on isotopes and related geochemistry in the water cycle. It does so by conducting research, training and workshops, and by supplying isotope laboratory services to those interested in the application of isotope techniques. Major ongoing projects of the section regarding groundwater are:

• mapping palaeo-waters of the world (non-renewable or fossil groundwater);

• Dead Sea (including study on the origin of salt groundwater);

• groundwater of eastern and southern Africa (main subjects: recharge, surface water-groundwater interrelations in conjunctive management, pollution transport).

The section is cooperating with relevant international organizations such as UNESCO and IAH by participating in their projects (e.g. WHYMAP, UNESCO Working Groups on Non-renewable Groundwater and on Groundwater Indicators) or in the form of joint programmes (e.g. with UNESCO in the Joint International Isotopes in Hydrology Programme). A biannual training course on isotopes in hydrology is presented in Graz, Austria. In addition, IAEA is organizing many short courses in different parts of the world.

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