World Meteorological Organization

The World Meteorological Organization (WMO) ( has a long-standing activity record in the promotion of hydrological/ meteorological monitoring and the analysis of observed meteorological and hydrological variations in time. To this end, networks of national organizations collaborating by exchanging information are operational for approximately 50 years. Although the organization's activities mainly focus on meteorology and on surface water, attention to groundwater is increasing and is being supported, inter alia, by the WMO Resolution 25 ('Exchanging hydrological data and information', Cg-XIII, 1999) and by the World Hydrological Cycle Observation System (WHYCOS), a decentralized global programme intended to improve regional monitoring networks.

WMO's famous Guide to Hydrometeorological Practices (2nd edition, 1970; 1st edition, 1969), renamed Guide to Hydrological Practices in later editions, pays only limited attention to groundwater (groundwater levels only), but has been, and still is, of great interest to many groundwater specialists all over the world.

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