Although we have included in this book many chapters dealing with several interesting subjects, we are conscious that there are others that are left out. Topics such as modeling Web-based or XML-based applications are not treated in this book. Future publications need to address these important topics.

At the time this book was published a new modeling paradigm just surfaced in the software engineering world: The Model Driven Architecture (MDA) approach. Few MDA-based tools were available, such Optimal-J of Compuware (http://www.compuware.com/), OlivaNova of Sosylnc (http:// sosyinc.com/), Project Technology, Inc. (http://www.projtech.com), KennedyCarter, Ltd (http://www.kc.com/), Kabira Technologies, Inc. (http://www. kabira.com/), and others.

This new technology looks very promising and it is a UML-based technology. MDA uses UML almost as a programming language. We hope that our book paves the way to the next challenge: The use of the MDA approach to model agricultural systems.

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