Unmarshaifing parameters

Figure 11-4. Client refers to the proxy object.

Once the communication is established between the client and the server, the client sends messages to the proxy as it were the real object, as shown in Figure 11-4. The message may include parameters needed for the execution of the method. ORB marshals these parameters, meaning it converts these parameters into a format that can be transmitted across the network to the remote object. The receiving server unmarshals the message and executes the method.

ORB is also in charge to bring to the client the results of the method's execution, as shown in Figure 11-5. To do so, ORB marshals the results and ships them to the client that unmarshals them into an understandable format for the client. Note that the process of marshalling/unmarshalling the message and the parameters is transparent to the user. The entire process is silently managed by the object request broker (ORB).

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