Packaging The Application

Before starting to write code, it is important to create a flexible and logical structure for storing files. Files could be organized in packages: A package for component. The entire application is stored in the package referred to as Kraalingen, as shown in Figure 8-40. Within this package, five other packages are defined named Interfaces, Plant, Simulator, Soil, and Weather.

Each of the packages contains a file of type JAR that is the compressed code for the class/component. Thus, the package Interfaces contains the file Interfaces.jar, the package Plant contains the file Plant jar, and so on.

S Ö Kraalingen Ë3 Interfaces Ö Plant Ö Simulator Ö Soil Ö Weather

Figure 8-40. Package structure for the Kraalingen Application.

Documents pertaining to the entire system can be stored in the main directory referred to as Kraalingen. Thus, the UML diagrams such as class, sequence, and collaboration diagrams can be stored in package Kraalingen.

Chapter 9

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