System Requirements

In this section, we will define the requirements of the system. Usually, this part of the project is undertaken in close collaboration with future users of the system. The users should express all their concerns about the future system: The functionalities the system should provide, the way the input data are entered into the system, and the way the final results are presented.

In order to make things simpler, we will consider that the user will need to enter some initial data needed to define the context in which the simulation is running. The initial data are mostly soil and plant data. The initial plant related data are used to populate an instance of class Plant\ usually the plant initial data are related to the planting date. By entering the planting date as an input parameter, users can study the impact of this parameter on the crop yield. Initial soil-related data are used to populate an instance of class Soil; usually the initial soil data are soil depth and wilting point percentage. By providing initial soil data, users can study the impact of these soil parameters on the crop growth. After entering the initial data, the user may start the simulation process.

After performing a simulation, the system will return the results to the user. For reasons of simplicity, we will assume that the results of the simulation can be displayed in the same window as the input data. Therefore, the user will have to use only one window for entering initial data and for displaying the results.

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