Management of Agricultural Weeds

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Ecological Management ofAgricultural Weeds

Concerns over environmental and human health impacts of conventional weed management practices, herbicide resistance in weeds, and rising costs of crop production and protection have led agricultural producers and scientists in many countries to seek strategies that take greater advantage of ecological processes. This book provides principles and practices for ecologically based weed management in a wide range of temperate and tropical farming systems. After examining weed life histories and processes determining the assembly of weed communities, the authors describe how tillage and cultivation practices, manipulations of soil conditions, competitive cultivars, crop diversification, grazing livestock, arthropod and microbial biocontrol agents, and other factors can be used to reduce weed germination, growth, competitive ability, reproduction, and dispersal. Special attention is given to the evolutionary challenges that weeds pose and the roles that farmers can play in the development of new weed management strategies.

matt liebman is an Associate Professor in the Department of Agronomy at Iowa State University. He is the co-editor of Weed Management in Agro-Ecosystems: Ecological Approaches (1988).

charles l. mohler is a Senior Research Associate in the Department of Crop and Soil Science at Cornell University. He is an associate editor ofthe journal Weed Science.

charles p. staver is a project co-coordinator at CATIE (Center for Teaching and Research in Tropical Agriculture), Nicaragua, where he works on integrated pest management.

Ecological Management ofAgricultural Weeds

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