FGWTG8 procedure

The FGW-TG8 defines two processes depending on the date of commission of the installation that is going to be certificate. If the installation has been commissioned after 01.01.2009 must follow the process for "new generating units". If the installation has been commissioned after 31.12.2001 and before 01.01.2009 the certification must follow the process for "old systems".

To certify "new generating units" the applicant must provide:

• Verification of type testing according to FGW-TG3 (FGW, 2009).

• A comprehensive computer based model of the power generating unit, which may be encapsulated as a black box model. This model needs to be suitable to represent the measuring situation of the type tests in accordance with FGW-TG3 (FGW, 2009).

• An open, where necessary simplified, model of the power generating unit. This open model must allow the certifier to follow the logical links between control loops in the relevant system controls. The degree of detail of the open model must be clarified in advance between the certification authority and the manufacturer. In some cases it may be sufficient to present block diagrams. It is necessary to comprehensively describe fault detection for verification of performance in a fault situation.

To certify "old systems" the applicant must provide Verification of type testing according to FGW-TG3. Furthermore the document must contain the specification of the original power generating unit and the specifications on the refitted power generating unit. Model validation does not form part of this procedure.

Testing report

Wind turbine

Field test

Wind turbine

Test simulation

Field test

Comparison of field test and simulation results

Testing report

Validation report

Op en model

Description of performance

Fig. 10. Process of new unit certification.

Fig. 11. Process of old unit certification.

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