Ideas gleaned from conversations with colleagues appear throughout this text. Among the contributors are Curtis Buchanan, Don Carpentier, Brian Coe, Michael Dunbar, Mike Easley, Patrick Edwards, Peter Follansbee, John Reed Fox, Nora Hall, Marcus Hansen, Jeff Headley, Mack Headley, Frank Klausz, Thomas Lamond, Steve Latta, Angus Murdoch, Jim Parker, Jane Rees, Peter Ross, David Salisbury, Ken Schwarz, Robert Self, Keith Thomas, Don Weber, Lyle Wheeler, and Edward Wright. It's entirely my fault if I got anything wrong.

The fastest way to make friends disappear is to ask them to review your manuscript. Thanks to my readers and contributors, Carey Bagdassarian, Ted Boscana, Mack Headley, Kare Loftheim, Bill Pavlak, and Garland Wood. I owe a special debt to Jay Gaynor, whose insightful and thorough reading and questioning forced out many embarrassing errors.

Who says Underhills can't do anything together? Sister Barbara Ann advised on the graphics, Rachell Underhill undertook the pixel polishing, Jane Underhill assisted on photos, and Eleanor Underhill drew the illustrations.

The artisans shown in the illustrations were surely tempted at times to use their tools as weapons. Thanks to Billy Alexander, Mark Berninghousen, Jacquie Fehon, Frank Grimsley, Mack Headley, Bryant Holsenbeck, Wayne Randolph, Russell Steele, Robert Watson, Bill Weldon, Dan Whitten, and Garland Wood.

The television series The Woodwright's Shop is produced by UNC-TV, with generous underwriting support from State Farm Insurance. The Woodwright book series is published by the UNC Press. I work most immediately with my director, Geary Morton, and my editor, David Perry, but I greatly appreciate the contributions of the many talented people at these fine organizations.

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Woodworking Tools and Installation Tips

Woodworking Tools and Installation Tips

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