Boring tools move the action from outside to inside, and give all these pegs someplace to go. The T-handled auger is "complete in itself," acting like a rotary chisel to shave out the wood as the tool progresses. Intended for large holes where you really need the leverage, the action is necessarily intermittent as you reposition your hands for the next turn.

The marks left in old buildings by auger bits can help you determine their age. Just be sure that the hole is from the original construction. Many a timber is perforated by generations of auger holes — perhaps to peg up a shelf, but apparently just for fun as well. The screw-pointed, spiral-shanked auger that lifts the shavings out of the deepening hole was available in the late 1700s but did not become common until about the 1820s. Before then, shell or nose augers required a centering, starting hole gouged into the surface of the wood before they could begin cutting. Once down into the wood, these augers require steady pressure but cut well enough, leaving the shaving intact as a single, springy spiral.

Both shell and spiral augers have chisel-like cutters that become worn with use. If these cutters are rounded over on the upper face, they won't cut well. If rounded over on the lower face, they won't cut at all. File the lower faces of the cutters just enough to bring them flat to the edge and do the rest of the sharpening on the upper faces. The auger bit files with "safe" edges are too small for big augers, so mind the corners of your file when working near the lead screw.

Big T-handle augers often have vertical cutting lips that sever the ends and free the chip, much like the upturned lips of the shipwright's adze. Sharpen these only on the inside to ensure that they cut a hole bigger than the body of the auger. Encounters with badly worn augers remind you to clean the dust and dirt off your timbers before you put your tools to them. Tools fare badly cutting through embedded grit.

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Woodworking Tools and Installation Tips

Woodworking Tools and Installation Tips

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