Ball and Socket

We spoke of balls before. Usually these are decorative, but there is a style of embroidery stand that uses a ball and socket head tightened by a wooden hand screw. The ball takes some skill to cut, but the socket in the end grain of the pedestal can be shaped by engineering.

First, however, consider how you would do it freehand. When you want to bore the length of a spindle, say to make a flute, you finish the cylinder, then remove the dead center and replace it with a hollow center. This can be a sharp ring or a funnel-shaped socket where the newly rounded end of the cylinder can ride. Push a long auger at the exposed end grain in the center of the hollow center and you can bore down the length as the wood spins. You could shape a socket the same way, spinning the end of the pedestal in the hollow center as you reach in with a gouge and scraper to hollow it out like a pumpkin.

The last scraper to make the socket could be a side-cutting hemisphere, ground exactly to the final size. That is what I use, but instead of working freehand, I have the scraper mounted within a wooden nose. The nose just fits into an auger hole bored into the end grain of the pedestal. The scraper is double faced—a disc with two faces ground off. It fits entirely within the nose in one orientation, but when rotated, the rounded faces are gradually exposed, scraping their profile in the cylindrical walls of the auger hole. When the socket is fully formed, you rotate the scraper back to fit within the nose, take off the pedestal and shake out the dust.

This gives you the socket, but the ball is 1/4 inch larger than the opening. To get the ball in, saw a slot right down the middle of the pedestal. This lets

Cut-away view of the scraper hollowing the socket for a ball-and-socket embroidery stand.
You can cut wooden screws with taps and dies ...
Lacking a faceplate, you can turn tabletops and bases while they are mounted on their shaft.

the sides of the socket spread as you press in the ball. The ball is in, but it's loose—until you make the wooden screw to turn it tight.

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