Boring Machine

The first boring machine salesman must have had an easy job—until the competition got going. True, all boring machines work about the same as they bore the hole. Two hand cranks turn a bevel gear meshing with a second bevel gear on the shaft that holds the interchangeable auger bits. This lets you set the machine on the timber, sit on it, and crank away as the machine guides the auger with speed, power and precision. The gear frame slides down a rack as the lead screw of the auger pulls it into the wood.

When the hole is done, the boring machine needs to retract the auger. It's here, when the auger reaches the bottom of the hole, that American inventors went to work. You have to take a few backward turns to disengage the lead screw of the auger, but then the boring machine kicks in again. With the flip of a lever or the slip of a gear, your boring machine retracts the auger by climbing a spiral shaft, or by winding up a leather belt, or by dropping a rack into a pinion. The auger retracts, and you're ready for the next hole.

But wait, there's more! Some allow you to set a depth stop for automatic retraction. Some have a hollow drive shaft for long augers. This one has two heads for different speeds. That one changes angles with the turn of a screw.

When you have many holes to bore, a boring machine can make the job much easier. Anyone with moderate strength can use it. You can just set it over where you want a mortise, get it started, and watch as passersby take turns to try it out. Anyone can break a boring machine as well. The malleable cast iron parts might survive being knocked off a timber onto soft ground, but a cement floor can put your investment in pieces.

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