Bowl Adze

Troughs suit hogs just fine, but we prefer to call them bowls. A bowl adze works inside a sphere, a world concave in all directions. The adze head must fit within this curve, as must the swing of the handle. A bowl adze shaped into a curve both along its length and breadth can reach in and chop hollows — as when making wooden bowls or scoop shovels. Such an adze will have the bevel on the inside, like a common adze. A bowl adze head can also be straight along its length, but then must be beveled on the outside (convex) edge to give the tool clearance along the arc of the swing.

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Trimming the giant dovetails of a cider press with a carpenter's adze.
A shipwright's adze gives you clean cuts across the grain.
The old fermoir chisel had a double-beveled edge.
Clean up after the bowl adze with a gouge.

Gutter adzes are similarly shaped, two-handed versions of the gouge-shaped adzes used to hollow long wooden rain gutters. They cut the inside of a cylinder, working straight along the length of the cut. They can have long handles, be beveled on the inside, and be curved only slightly along their length.

A bowl adze is usually an intermediate tool. Except in shallow work like chair seat hollowing, the hatchet roughs in the hollow, the adze comes next, and planelike shavers finish the task. Bowl adzes are usually locally made and often adapted from straight-bitted adzes. Should you propose to change the bevel side on an adze by heavy grinding, check to see that the blade is not laminated, with the steel only on the outside edge. Grind through the steel and you will be left with an edge of wrought iron that will bend over after two strikes.

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