Dogs and Glue

The glue for a rubbed joint is the old hot animal hide glue. Fresh glue starts with covering the transparent amber granules with cold water and letting them soak overnight. The glue will expand and soften but not become liquid until heated in a double boiler glue pot. Add water or let water evaporate until the hot glue flows from the brush in a thin stream.

Cold wood makes the glue set before it can penetrate the wood, so the pieces should be warmed and ready to go. Brush the glue on both surfaces. Fold them together and rub the two pieces together lengthwise until the glue starts to grab. Stop rubbing when the two pieces are perfectly aligned. Set the joined pieces carefully aside, resting against two battens leaning against the wall. Carefully wipe off any excess glue with a warm, damp cloth or wait a few minutes for the glue to become leathery enough for you to peel it off.

If you use clamps, remember that they will spring broad work into a curve if applied from just one side. Place bar clamps against alternate faces so this effect cancels itself out. Clamps should stay in place for at least six hours, but overnight is better.

If you don't have enough clamps to leave them in place for so long, tap some pinch dogs into the ends of the boards. These dogs look like giant staples, about two inches broad with the spikes tapering on the inner faces. Driven into the end grain of adjoining boards, spanning a joint, the tapered spikes force the pieces together.

Anton Chekhov wrote of another carpenter's dog, one named Kashtanka, who reveled in "the glorious smell of glue, varnish and shavings." Glue does have a tolerable smell—until it goes bad. If glue starts to smell as if a dog wouldn't touch it, it is far past being useful. Glue in the pot gradually loses its holding power, so clean the pot and make a fresh batch every few days.

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