Dovetail Tenon and Bridle Joint

These two joints are halfway between lap joints and mortise and tenon joints. The sliding dovetail tenon has an Escheresque ambiguity—which is the tenon and which is the mortise? Both parts of the joint have positive and negative spaces. In any case, the dovetail tenon often serves to connect a stub joist to the plate where a stairwell or chimney interrupts the pattern of floor joists. It's simple enough to cut with a chisel and saw but has minimal rigidity unless precisely fitted into deep, hard wood.

A bridle joint is an open mortise and tenon — quick to cut because you can saw the inside cheeks of the joint and remove the root with an auger. In carpentry, the bridle joint usually joins the ends of timbers. In other trades, it gets more mid-timber action. The legs of a chair often connect to rockers with a bridle joint.

Laying out and cutting the bridle joint introduces the advantage of using tools in matching incremental sizes. If your gauge, your auger, and your chisel all cut an inch-wide swath, then you're well equipped to cut one-inch-wide mortises. Other sizes will be more bothersome without tools to match them.

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