Drawboring uses slightly offset peg holes to force a mortise and tenon joint tighter together. First you bore a hole through the cheeks of the mortise, without the tenon in place. You then insert the tenon and mark the position of the hole on the tenon. You then pull the joint apart again and bore through the tenon, offsetting the hole about one fourth of its diameter toward the shoulder of the tenon.

When you reassemble the joint and drive a tapered iron hook pin through the offset holes, the tenon will be pulled tightly into the mortise. The hook pin compresses the wood and smoothes the way for the wooden pins to follow,

The framing chisel clears out the remainder... ... and the corner chisel finishes up.
Drawboring begins with the peg hole through the cheeks of the mortise.
left: The tenon goes into the mortise so it can be marked...

middle: . . . and is then withdrawn to let you bore the hole through the tenon,...

right: . . . offset by about a quarter of the peg diameter toward the tenon shoulder.

and the hook is there to help you pull it back out. The deeper you drive the tapered hook pin into the hole, the more it will force the joint together—and the greater the risk of shearing out the end of the tenon.

Drawbored or not, pegs, pins, trunnels, whatever you call them, can run up to a quarter of the width of the tenon. Make the wooden pins from strong, dry, split stock, and leave them long and tapered so they can pull up the joint and be driven tighter as needed.

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