Gouge Grinding

Hold the gouge against the corner of the bench top and slide the stone back and forth.

Whatever wood you cut, eventually you'll need to sharpen your tools. The bevel on the bowl turning gouge is shorter than for spindle turning, and the nose is usually square across. Otherwise they are sharpened in the same way. Grind the bevel on a sandstone wheel or a tool grinder that lets you work on the flat side of the stone. On a spindle turning chisel with a longer nose, you need to swing the back end of the handle around as you rotate the gouge on its long axis. I want to tell you a specific angle for grinding, but a wide range works. Looking at the bevels on my chisels and gouges, they seem to run from 30 to 50 degrees. Each different bevel requires that I hold the tool at a different inclination to get the flat of the bevel rubbing, but they all cut.

When you hone a gouge or turning chisel, the bevel must remain flat as it was ground. Hold the tool in one hand, resting at an angle on the edge of the bench or tool rest. Rotate the tool slowly as you work the whetstone back and forth flat across its bevel. The whetstone can slide directly on the bench if it's mounted in a box. You can just as well hold the stone in your fingers and slide the back of your hand back and forth across the bench. Just keep the bevel flat.

On the inside of the gouge, again the stone moves as the gouge turns. Hold the gouge near the point with your fingertips, the handle hanging. Hold the round-edged slipstone lightly in your other fingertips as you work it up and down in the channel of the gouge. The light grip lets the stone ride flat as you slowly roll the gouge to ensure that the whole hollow gets honed.

Pulling the cord turns the bobbin, twisting the bow strings and flexing the bow.

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