Knife and Crooked Knife

In truth, a knife is all you really need—but once you've acquired many other tools, you've probably forgotten where you left your knife. Knives are, well, knife-edged tools — sharpened on both sides of the edge so that rocking on the bevel controls the depth of cut.

You don't have much control with both hands working out in space, one holding the work and the other holding the knife. When shaping a long peg, try resting your knife hand on your knee and pulling the peg back, sliding it between your knee and the steady blade. On a short piece, like a dogwood hinge pintle, extend the thumb of your hand that holds the wood and lever against it in a rocking motion with the hand that holds the knife.

Although they are solidly tools and not weapons, the crooked knife is at the center of a long-running academic bar fight: Who invented it? Which end is crooked, the handle or the blade? And what about beaver teeth? Head for the exit as fast as your snowshoes will take you.

The versatility of the crooked knife is legend. Thoreau watched North Woods natives making all the parts for their canoes with these tools. Native Americans

Ease the tension on your bucksaw frame when you're done for the day.
One hand holds your knife as it pivots on the fulcrum of your other thumb.
The crooked knife.
The mighty stock knife.
A shaving horse with a solid head.
The bodger's horse.

are the masters of the crooked knife, but every culture able to feed itself with wooden spoons probably came up with a curved blade to reach into the hollow bowl. Welsh spoon carvers have long used a curved knife with a long handle extended under the arm for leverage.

The familiar North Woods crooked knife, the mocotagan, has a turn in the end of the handle for a thumb rest to give you more leverage on the pull stroke. The handles are sometimes wonderfully carved or otherwise decorated. One that I saw had a tiny tintype of a Victorian lovely inset on one side, and a tiny mirror inset on the other—it gets lonely up there in the cold North Woods.

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