Before going on the pit, logs for boards of a constant width usually get hewn on two sides to a thickness equal to the width required. A log for structural timbers gets hewn on all four sides to a multiple of the final dimensions, say, eight by nine inches to yield six three-by-four-inch studs. You may see evidence of this in the timbers of old buildings. One or two sides of the timber will have axe marks — the remaining sides show that they were pit sawn.

The tools and procedure for lining out logs for sawing are the same as those for hewing, with the addition of a pair of dividers for pacing off equal planks. First snap the guidelines on the bottom side of the log and then roll it over into place on the pit. Now, at each end of the log, "plumb up" with a weighted string from the lines on the bottom to find the points to begin and end the lines on top of the log.

If the log has any bow in it, see that the bow is in the vertical plane during sawing. Boards with the grain moving across their faces lie flatter than those that have it moving in and out. For feather-edged weatherboards, saw the timber into one-inch boards, then tilt the log so their diagonal line is plumb and re-saw each inch board into two tapered weatherboards. Leave all the boards connected at the back end and break them apart only when the whole log is completed.

Timber cuts far more easily while it is still fresh and green. An eight-inch-thick, fresh-cut yellow pine can be easily sawn at a foot a minute. The green wood means you need to allow not only for the loss in the kerf (sawdust) but for shrinkage and any cupping that may need to be planed out.

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