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Most of the Houses in this Part of the Country are Log-Houses, covered with Pine or Cypress Shingles, three feet long, and one broad. They are hung on Laths with Pegs, and their doors too turn upon Wooden Hinges, and have wooden Locks to Secure them, so the Building isfinisht without Nails or other Iron-work. — William Byrd, History of the Dividing Line betwixt Virginia and North Carolina, 1728

Scribe the profile of the lower log onto the upper one...

... then roll the upper log back and chop out the saddle.

... then roll the upper log back and chop out the saddle.

You'd think the first thing the English colonists would have done when they got off the boat at Jamestown in 1607 would be to drop some long, straight pines and lay up log cabins — quick and secure defense against the weather and unhappy locals. But what did they build? Timber-frame houses, just like they built back home in England. Just as the colonists had a toolbox in their hands, they also had a toolbox in their heads. As obvious as log houses seem to us now, they were not in the English mental toolbox.

Log building is simply not British. Have you ever seen a picture of the log cabin where Shakespeare was born? The idea of log building arrived in North America with settlers from the Baltic and Central Europe. It fit the environment so well that it quickly became part of the American identity. And if any of those original English colonists lived long enough to see that first log cabin go up, they must have dope-slapped themselves silly.

Log construction is essentially a stack of scribed lap joints. It developed to marvelous sophistication in Europe, but in America it reverted to the essentials. There still remains an impressive degree of regional variation in American log building, reflecting different settlement and cultural diffusion patterns. The common corner joints are saddle notching, V-notching, and dovetail notching.

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