Shaving Horse

Leverage is a handy thing. In the froe, it splits the wood. In the shaving horse, it grabs the wood. The shaving horse is a foot-operated vise that allows you to hold a piece of wood while you sit and shave it with a drawknife or other tool. The earliest image I know of a shaving horse is in a i500s-vintage German mining textbook. The horse is fully formed, with accompanying drawknife—more evidence of its German origins. Even in the New World, the shaving horse is commonly called a "schnitzelbank," from the German "cutting bench."

The beauty of the shaving horse is that the more you pull with your arms, the harder you must push with your feet. The harder you push with your feet, the harder the jaw grabs. The grip of the vise may be instantly released by removing foot pressure, allowing the piece to be quickly repositioned.

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Woodworking Tools and Installation Tips

Woodworking Tools and Installation Tips

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