Smooth Plane

The short scrub plane started us off, and the short smooth plane will help us finish. The little smooth plane is sharpened and set the same as the long finishing planes, but can come at contrary grain from whatever angle seems to work. Adding to the virtues of their small mouths and fine cut, some smooth planes (and others) may have their irons bedded at 50 degrees, rather than the common 45. This is York pitch, and the steeper angle helps in gnarly hardwood.

Whether you use a coffin-shaped wooden smoother, a rosewood-infilled Norris type, or a polished-up Stanley, take the time to fully sharpen and adjust it. Don't stop tuning it, testing it, sharpening it, until you're planing bird's-eye maple with shavings so fine and thin they have only one side. It's a rush.

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Woodworking Tools and Installation Tips

Woodworking Tools and Installation Tips

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