Tenon Cutter and Spoke Pointer

If pegs had shoulders, they'd be tenons. Tenon cutters were once an obscure wheelwright's tool, but the popularity of rustic furniture has brought a new generation of designs. For the wheelwright, the tenon cutter, also called a hollow auger, quickly shaped a precise, round tenon on the end of a spoke, ready to fit into a hole bored through the felly, a section of the circumference of the wheel. For the rustic furniture maker, hollow augers quickly terminate nature's shapes with simple symmetry. A curving branch of ironwood becomes the arm of a rustic chair with a perfectly round tenon to fit into the perfectly round mortise bored in the back post.

Tenon cutters work on end grain and may be engineered with bevel-up or bevel-down cutters. The wheelwright's tool is designed to leave a square shoulder to take a wagonload of pressure. The furniture maker's tools are shaped to leave beveled or rounded shoulders for a more gradual transition from nature to culture.

A tenon cutter won't start on a bare, square end. It requires just enough wood already fitting in the central hollow to keep the orbiting cutters from wandering off. Like a big, blunt pencil sharpener, the conical spoke pointer fits over the sharp-shouldered spoke and planes away an ever-widening shaving. You stop when the end is just a bit smaller than the tenon you want to cut. Smaller versions forged from a single piece of steel can point a dowel, or just take off its shoulders.

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