Two Shaving Horses

This horse lets you shave with the drawknife's keen edge, as you sit on its back split from logs with a wedge, which you rive out by breaking the grain that is weak that flows through the oak like gray hair in a streak. The legs fit in holes in the plank like a stool, each fixed with a wood wedge that follows this rule:

Shaving horse legs: 2" x 2" x ig" plank: 3" x g" x 60" ramp: 11/2" x g" x30" support: 6" high clamp overall: 31" long head: 6" x 6" arm: 2" x 3"

When setting the legs, fit the wedge 'cross the grain of the plank that you sit on, its strength to maintain. When shaving, you'll see that the harder you draw, the more your horse bites on the wood in its jaw. And though your fine horse won't win any races, your seat on its back is the best of all places.

Bodger's horse legs: 2" x 2" x 19" plank: 3" x g" x 48" ramp: 11/2" x g" x 26" support: 4" high (movable) uprights: 2" x 3" x 24" crosspieces: 11/2" x 2" x 16"
Hold the drawknife slightly askew.
The curved shave works inside a hollow.
Spokeshaving Piece Wood
Rock the wooden-bodied spokeshave slightly forward as you work.

shearing cut. This lowers the slope of the upper bevel—a mixed blessing. A lower bevel slope makes a sharper edge, but also a thinner wedge. The blade may cut better, but the shaving may not be bent enough by the bevel to break it before it builds up enough leverage to split the wood open ahead of the edge. Different combinations of wood moisture and grain structure make this a matter of each moment's judgment — part of the reward of working with these wonderful tools.

Coopers use convex knives to hollow the insides of their staves. Convex draw-knives with high handles called inshaves can work the hollows of a Windsor chair. I call single-handled versions scorps, but this is a good time to recognize that the names for many of the tools change over time and distance. My moot may be your nug, our neighbor's rung engine, and someone else's thole reamer. Very confusing, considering that we're all talking about the same witchet.

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