Hanger Notch for nail

Front view without reel







; 1



Notch for nail



Bill of Material

Pieces Dimensions Use

1 ig"x6"x2' 10%" Front

1 4g"x8"x2' 10%" Bottom

2 ir,x9%"xl2" Ends

1 irx3"x3' 0" Landing board

2 4rx4"x4" Ends of reel 4 ^"x2' 10y8" Slats for reel.

Hardware: 4 doz. 8d finishing nails for assembling box.

2 doz. 4d finishing nails for fastening slats of reel.

1 doz. Wz" No. 9 flat head wood screws for fastening landing board to sills and sills to box.

2 8d common nails for reel pivots.

1 piece 1" mesh wire, or mesh hardware cloth, 6"x2' 10" to lay on feed.


1. Reduce all pieces to length, width and thickness.

2. To lay out the slant on the end pieces, draw a line across the top end 13/16" from the back edge and a line across the front edge 6" from the bottom end; connect lines on edge and end with lines on the sides of the stock and remove stock to line with saw and plane.

3. Using a 1/4" bit and a cross-cut saw, bore a hole and cut notches in the end pieces for the reel nails as shown in the drawing, 4" from back edge and 91/£" from the bottom end.

4. Assemble the box and hanger by using the 8d finishing nails.

5. Fasten the sills to the bottom with iy2" No. 9 flat head screws.

6. Fasten the landing board to the sills at front by using two l1/^" No. 9 flat head wood screws for. each sill.

7. Fasten the slats to the end pieces of the reel, using three 4d finishing nails at each end of each slat.

8. Bore a hole with the bit thru each end piece at its center and drive an 8d common nail thru from the inside for the reel to turn on the ends of the box.

9. Cut notches for nails in the lower edge of the hanger. This may be done by boring a hole of the same diameter as the nails or spikes which are to be used for the box to hang on and sawing tangent to the holes from the bottom edge of the board.

The purpose of the reel is to keep the fowl from the top of the box or feed. The purpose of the 1" mesh wire is to prevent the fowl from wasting feed. By use of it they can get all that is in the box but cannot flip it out as is the habit of fowl.

By the suggested arrangement the reel may be lifted off when filling or cleaning the box. The box is suspended on the wall by hanging it over two nails or spikes.


tod common noi/

tod common noi/

It is understood that the box may be increased to any length to suit the size of flock.


Bill of Material

Pieces Dimensions Use

2 *t"x3"x22%" Cross braces

2 it"x2%"x4' 0" Landing beards

4 }|"x2"xll" Braces

2 ir'x7"xl2%" Ends of box

2 WxGtY'xZ' 10%" Bottom of box

2 irx2"xl3^" End posts

2 ii"x8"x8" Ends of wheel

8 41"x2"x3' 11%" Slats for wheel

4 W'xWx2V2" Furring to hold box in place

Hardware: % lb. 8d finishing nails.

1 piece of 1" mesh wire screen or mesh hardware cloth, 12"x3' 10" to lay on feed.

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