Berry Stand For Six Boxes Bill of Material

Pieces Dimensions Use

2 %"xl2"x8" Ends

4 %"x2M"xl8" Bottom

1 %" round xl8 Ms" long Handle

Hardware: 2 flat head bright wood screws 2" No. 10 for fastening handle.

and bottom.

To fasten the handle, bore 94" holes 1/4" deep on a centerline on the inside of the end pieces at a point 1" from the top; bore a hole for the screw from the same side of the stock using a twist drill as large as the screw; countersink for the head of the screw on the outside of the stock and fasten

Fig. 28. Berry Stand. handle in place.

3 doz. 6d finishing nails.

Slats instead of %" may be used sides

Fig. 28. Berry Stand. handle in place.

Hod for holding wrapping paper fa

She/i/es for paper



y # / *

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