Bill of Material


Pieces Dimensions Use

1 }|"x6"x23" Front end at bottom 7 |§"x4"x23" Ends and top at ends 4 ig"x4"x21%" Top

'4 *rx4"x2' 4" Corner posts

2 *£"x6"x4' 0" Sides at bottom 6 ii"x4"x4' 0" Sides

1 i&"x4"xl9%" Gate support at bottom

1 iiTx6"x2' Gate

1 round x4" Pin to lock gate

Hardware: 1 pound of 6d common nails.

2-11 steel butts g ~j-5e1 Tbevel as below

Detail of Clamp

Set the T bevel at ¿pitch using the figures 12 and 3 or 4ond \ for the angles at which the • post stands on and also through the seat.

0 0

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