This house may be made for the flicker, red-headed, golden-fronted, hairy or downy woodpeckers, chickadees, nuthatches or titmice. The diameter of entrance for the various birds shall be as follows:

Ficker—2*4"; Red-headed woodpecker—2" Golden fronted woodpecker—2"; Hairy woodpecker—l1/^"; Downy woodpecker—11/4"; Chickadee— iy8"; Nuthatch— 1%"; Titmouse—1".

A color of paint should be used which closely resembles the color of the bark of a tree, so as to make the house as inconspicuous as possible. Lumber:

Fig. 15. Bag Holder.

tf o


Pieces. 2 I

Stock Bill

Dimensions ni'



4 screw 4 flat head screws

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