1. Reduce all pieccs to finished dimensions called 'for in bill of material.

2. Lay out and cut a tenon at each end of the beam to the dimensions called for in the detail drawing.

3. Lay out an open mortise in the upper end of each post to receive the tenons at the ends of the beam as indicated in the detail drawing.

4. Fasten the posts to the sills by driving four 16d common nails thru the base at the center from bottom and up into the lower end of each post; also toenail the posts to the bases by using one 16d common nail on each side of each post.

5., Miter both ends of the lower braces and fasten the posts and bases by using two 16d common nails at each end of each bi'ace.

6. Bore two 1/2" holes thru the beam from the upper edge 18" from ends and 3' apart.

7. Place the beam on the posts; bore %" holes through the mortise and tenon joint, and fasten with one %" x 4carriage bolt at each joint.

8. Miter the ends of the upper braces and fasten to posts and beam by using two 16d common nails at each end of each piece.

9. Draw a centerline lengthwise of the swing board and bore holes 1Vk" from each end.

10. Fasten the eye bolts in place.

11. Tie one end of the rope to one ring; draw the rope down thru one hole in the board and up thru the other; then draw it up thru the second ring so as to bring the rope at a suitable distance from the ground, and tie it to the ring.

12. Bore 1" holes thru the base members so that the swing may be staked firmly to the ground by use of the iron pins as suggested in the drawing.

Bill of Materiol

Use Posta Planks

Lower p/anks

Pieces Dimensions

/iron bar rDxr-a,ii i piece gas pipe i/xs-cr

4 U bolts i6-3"No.)4acrevv$ to join plank 4pieces iron

Bill of Materiol

4 carriage boltsJfxeg

U bolt'

4 carriage boltsJfxeg

U bolt'

rD iron rod rgas p/pe

0 0

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