This apple packing table is one which has been found quite satisfactory where box packing of apples is done. It is designed for two packers; one at each side, with a box before him which rests in a tilting position on the two boards provided for that purpose.

Shelves are placed underneath at one end of the table where supplies of lining paper, layer paper and wrapping paper may be kept. More and wider shelves may be provided if desired.

The inside corners of the legs at the top are sawed off to prevent their bruising the apples.

The first layer of canvas is tacked securely all round the top edge of the table. The upper piece is tacked at one end only. This enables the packer to shake off quickly any dirt which may accumulate on the table.

The sizes of boxes are usually used:

a. Standard, 10x ll1/^" x 18" inside measurement.

b. Special, 10" x 11" x 20" inside measurement.

The detail drawing shows a hod for holding the wrapping paper. The angle irons at the open end hook over the edge of the box and hold it in place.

The hod may be made of or %" material so as to make it light and facilitate its placing on and removal from the box.

This makes it convenient for the packer to pick up a sheet of wrapping paper with one hand while the other hand picks up an apple.

r cleat

Tack canvae between slats and cleat

Slate ¿xr

Spaced fapart a r cleat

»> Round upper edges of slats

Packing Table for Barrel Apples

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