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Orchard Ladder


Material Required

Oak, ash, maple or other hardwood is recommended.

Main standards Point of ladder Bottom braces Bottom step Steps

Back standard

Top member of back




%"x3" tapered to 2"x8' 10


3 carriage bolts %"x3" to bolt point between main standard and to pivot top of back standard.

1 carriage bolt }4"x3%" to fasten chain to main standards.

1 large screw hook.

40 flat head wood screws 2W No. 12 for fastening steps and top member of back standard.

6 flat head wood screws IV2" No. 9 for fastening upper ends of bottom braces to main standards.

4' 6" of a substantial chain.

1. Reduce all pieces to the required dimensions.

2. Lay out and cut gains 14" deep and 2" wide for the steps in the upper edges of the main standards.

3. Shape the upper edge of all steps except the bottom one as shown in the detail drawing. This is a means of preventing the feet from slipping from the ends of the steps.

4. Place the point between the main standards at the upper end and fasten in place with two 1/4" x 3" carriage bolts.

5. Fasten all steps in place using two 21/^// No. 12 flat head screws at each joint. The twTo main standards are left 1" apart at the bottom so that the back standard wall drop between them freely.

6. Place the bottom braces in position and mark off the places for the gains for the first and second steps. Cut the gains for the steps and fasten the braces to the main standards with three l1/^" No. 9 screws at the top and two 2*4" No. 12 screws for the bottom step.

7. Place the top member of the back standard on the top edge of the back standard and fasten by using five 21/£" No. 12 flat head wood screws.

8. Fold the back standard in between the main standards and bore t. 14" hole at top for pivot. It will be noted that the hole for the bolt does not go thru the center. Fasten back standard in place.

9. With the back standard folded in bore a hole for the 1/4" bolt which is to hold the chain at a point half way between the fourth and fifth steps and %" from the front edge of the standards. Fasten one end of the chain in place.

10. Fasten the large screw hook into the bottom edge of the back standard so that when the ladder is folded the hook will come between the fourth step and the chain bolt.

11. Finish the ladder by applying at least two coats of paint.

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