Directions for Handle

1. Reduce a piece of hardwood to the dimensions called for in Fig. 7.

2. Lay out octagons at both ends as indicated in Fig. 8.

3. Draw lines on sides of stock as shown in Fig. 9.

4. Bore a hole %" deep in each end of the piece of stock as indicated in Fig. 9.

5. Plane the corners so as to make the stock octagonal in shape Fig. 10 and continue planing the corners until the stock is round, Fig. 11.

6. Saw the block in two in the center as shown in Fig. 11 and round the ends as indicated in Fig. 12.

7. Place one knob on the stick and fasten with a No. 7 flat head screw. Fig. 5.

8. Place the handle on the vise and fasten the other knob in place.

Since vises vary in diameter of handle required it is suggested that measurement be taken before starting the handle and the diameter of stick regulated accordingly.

It is also suggested that this method be used wherever it is required to make a round stick of any size.

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