The purpose of the wheel is to keep the fowl from the top of the box. It has the additional advantage over a fixed top in that it is removable for filling and cleaning the box.

The box is removable and is held in place by the two end posts projecting down over the end cross braces on the outside. It is prevented from moving sidewise by the small pieces of furring which are nailed on the top edge of the end cross braces between the landing board and box.

There are numerous ways of preventing the waste of feed. Heavy wires may be nailed across the top of the box spaced 3" or 4" on center or a piece of quarter round may be nailed to the inside of the side boards of the box at the top edge.

The screen has the advantage of being removable, thus making it easier to fill and clean.

Fig. 17. Poultry Feeding Box.



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111 11

Measuring >5fandard for Horses


Detail of lower end of arm o

£ Chamfer

Detail, showing construction for wheel clearance

Detail of lower end of front standard



Material Required

Pieces Dimensions Use

2 2"x4"xl6' 0" Upper stringers

2 2"x4"xll' 10" Lower stringers

2 2"x4"x3' 2" Lower stringers at front

8 I%"x4"x3'2" Cross ties

5 %"x6"x3'2" Floor sills 4 %"x9"xl6' 0" Floor

6 7/8"x6"xl6' 0" Top boards

2 I%"x4"x6'4" Front standard 2 1 % "x4"x5' 4" Rear standards

2 %"x3"x2' 11" Rear standard cross bars

1 78"x3"x2' 2" • Front standard cross bar bottom

1 y8//x3"x201/2" Front standard cross bar middle

1 7/8,'x3,/x16V2// Front standard cross bar top

2 1%"x4"x6" Furring


2 pieces of iron %'xl9i"x33}4" trusses (olcl wagon tire).

2 carriage bolts %"xl3" front.

2 carriage bolts %"xl3%" rear.

4 carnage bolts <%"xll" cross ties.

4 carriage bolts %"xll1/£" cross ties and truss.

4 carriage bolts %"x5" truss.

24 carriage bolts boards to arms.

14 carriage bolts ^4,/x41/2// standards.

2 %"x3' 3" rods for standards at bottom.

72 6d common nails for floor.


In making the iron truss for the wheel, clearance space measurements should be made of the combined thickness of the floor sill and cross tie and width of stringers. Any deviation from the dimensions given on the drawing must be made in dimensions of the truss. If an old wagon tire is available it will serve as well as new iron.

Quarter inch bolts are placed thru the upright members of the standards at the lower ends to prevent their splitting.

Flat head wood screws may be used to fasten the floor boards to the floor sills instead of thq 6d common nails.


Bill of Material

Pieces Dimensions Use

.2 2"x8"xl6'0" Stringers

4 2"x8"x3' 4" Sills

6 I"x6"xl6' 0" Top boards

2 2"x4"x2' 6" Front posts

2 2"x4"x6' 0" Front standards

1 l"x3"xl' 11" Cross bar at front standard

1 l"x3"xl' T „ Cross bar at front standard

1 l"x3"xl' 3" Cross bar at front standard


16 carriage bolts %"x5" to fasten inside boards on arms.

12 carriage bolts %"x4}£" to fasten outside boards on arms, posts to stringers and standards to posts. 4 carriage bolts %"x6" to fasten cross bar to front standard. 6 8d common nails to fasten cross bars into front standard. 4 U bolts as shown in the detail drawing. 16 40d spikes to fasten sills to stringers.

Rub iron

Detail of brace



Detail of brace jrWyP^—eo'




Detail of strap bolt

Detail of brace fot froni end qate

///y '/S/SS/J/SSS/ s\\\\N\\\\\\\\NN ///y//////////, wwwwwww I

///y '/S/SS/J/SSS/ s\\\\N\\\\\\\\NN ///y//////////, wwwwwww I


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