Sheep respond more readily to good feed and care than any other livestock, and it is necessary that the flock be fed consistently and regularly to insure a wool clip of good weight and quality.

Good feeding is difficult without the use of a feeding rack for both hay and grains.

The hopper design of rack for feeding hay has the advantage over others by keeping the heads of the sheep out of the haj and thus preventing chaff, seeds, etc., from getting into the wool. The trough has the additional advantage of catching the leaves of alfalfa, clover or other hay so they may be consumed. Without a trough underneath the hay the leaves would drop onto the bedding and hence would be lost. The length of rack may be made longer or shorter to suit the needs of any size of flock. If made eight feet or less in length, the tvo middle posts and their cross ties may be omitted.

In assembling the 8d nails are used at places where nails are driven into the pieces. The 6d nails are used at all other points. The lower ends of the slats are beveled as shown in the detail drawing and nailed to the top edge of the trough partition.

Those teachers of agricultural woodworking who are using the home project method may find the wall sheep feeding rack a suitable home project. It is understood that the length of rack and some of the details are in that case determined by the number of sheep, the place where the rack has to be placed, kind of wall to be fastened to, the thickness of wall, etc. The drawing can only serve to give general cimensions which, if followed, will make a serviceable rack.

It is felt that when a boy in the agricultural high school has obtained a general notion of how to go at the building of a rack of the


kinds shown and thru his school farm shop work has acquired the knowledge of tool manipulation to make it and thru his study of animal husbandry in the classroom has acquired a desire to build it, the agricultural high school has done much toward adding one valuable young farmer to the community's general worth.

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