Orchard Ladder

Fig. 26. Orchard Ladder.

Many ladders of diversified design, are used for orchard purposes. For orchard purposes the common step-ladder has the disadvantage of four supports and narrow spread of standards which make it unstable on uneven ground. The painters' ladder needs to be supported at the upper end by leaning against the limbs of the tree which is often harmful to the tree and usually rather unstable.

The three-legged ladder with wide spread of standards has the advantage of stability on uneven ground as well as 011 the flat surface. It is also light and tall enough for most orchard purposes.

Dimensions tl"x4"x4' 2" Il"x4"x2' 8" Il"x8%"xl5" *i"x4%"x 24%" i£"x4%"xl0%" *t"x3"x8" Wx2V2"x81/i"

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