Packing Table For Barrel Apples

Bill of Material

Lumber: Pieces

Any soft wood.

Use Legs at front Legs at back Sides Back end Front end Chute boards


2"x4"x3' 3" 2"x4"x3' 9" %"x8"x6' 0"

%"x8"xl9% 7/s"x8"x2' 3" %"xl"x6' 0" %"xl"x4' 0" 78"x3"x4' 8"




5 doz. 6d. common nails.

6 doz. lOd. finishing nails.


The size of the standard apple barrel has been regulated by Congress. The specifications are as follows:

Length of stave 28^ inches.

Diameter of head lll/g inches.

Distance between heads 26 inches.

Circumference of the bulge 64 inches outside measure.

All barrels not coming up to this standard shall be so marked.

The table shown in the drawing admits a standard berrel to be placed under it at the front end.

A piece of canvas, denim or ticking is fastened betweei the slats and cleat at the front end. A barrel is placed in position and the apron is placed over the top of the barrel.

The table is 6" higher at the rear end, causing the apples to roll toward the barrel. The chute boards guide them toward the opening where they can easily be inspected as they roll onto the apron. When a quantity of apples is on the apron it may be slowly lowered into the barrel without bruising the fruit.

In constructing the table it is suggested that the legs be cut at top as shown in the detail drawing so as to provide a resting surface for the box.

The finishing nails are used in fastening the corners and cleats and slats. One lOd nail is used for each slat.

The 6d common nails are used to fasten the legs, bracks and chute boards.

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